With a fancy new facility, the Saskatoon Airport Authority (YXE) needed a fresh look to better embody the spirit of their new digs and rally travellers, staff and tenant employees.


More than just a logo, we created SKYXE as a complete brand experience designed to inspire employees and travellers alike.

Brand is the sum of all memories, encounters, impressions and associations connected with a company – a promise of performance reinforced by a consistent experience. Knowing this, we started the process by gathering information to define what the airport brand should be. We spoke to board members, management and employees, as well as the broader airport community. We utilized workshops and surveys to collect our inputs and create what we call Brand Guideposts.

The brand guideposts inspired the creative idea of “uplifting,” and first through the uplifting filter was the name: Saskatoon Airport Authority. We saw an incongruity between the ideal of inspiring employees and the connotation of “authority.”

SKYXE encompasses SK – giving the sense of place; SKY – we are the land of living skies and are all about the wonder of flight, bringing the sky to you; and YXE – the airport code. Everything flowed from this idea, created with the unexpectedly uplifting experience in mind.

The creative platform, traditionally expressed as an advertising campaign, was in this instance developed with an eye to customer experience within the airport terminal. From the business cards and stationery, to the terminal windows, ceiling, walls, mirrors, signage and merchandise, it was all created with the unexpectedly uplifting experience in mind.

Skyxe – Shirt TealSkyxe – Shirt BlueSkyxe – Shirt Yellow


Feedback has been phenomenal. What started as a request for a new logo ended up in a strategy to revitalize the airport experience. Even better, the airport won the 2016 Airport Council International award for Best Airport in North America (under two-million passengers).


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