In a commoditized marketplace, with all things being equal, how do we raise the perceived value of SaskTel among all residents (with particular focus on young adults) who currently lack any compelling reason to choose them over another telco offering the same products and services?

A new master brand strategy was developed to guide the multi-faceted solution to this major question. This included the development of brand guideposts as the foundation of the master brand strategy. The existing creative platform – animated fairytales featuring Little Red as the star character – had long been a challenge with the young adult audience. After almost 10 years, it was clear that it was time for Little Red to hang up her hood.



Working with a large corporation has its challenges, one of which is having many cooks in the kitchen at multiple levels of the organization. We had to be cognizant of the personalities and politics at play. SaskTel works with multiple creative partners to execute campaigns and communications in the market: three creative agencies, a digital agency and an experiential agency. In a business where everyone has an opinion, ensuring buy-in and endorsement from each of these agencies was paramount.



Developing a platform capable of creating an emotional connection with consumers required a solid understanding of who SaskTel really is, what they stand for and why they’re valuable. To ensure the results resonated with the entire internal team and reflected the desired strategic direction, we worked very closely with multiple levels of the organization to define and refine the brand. We developed brand guideposts, including a vision and purpose, to help define the consumer brand and a master brand strategy to guide the brand forward.


Built around SaskTel’s unyielding dedication to empowering human connection, the platform tells the engaging story of communication’s endless potential to connect people with the things that matter most. Inspired by Saskatchewan sunrises, the new platform stands out visually amongst the competition. Language is customer-benefit focused and contextually relevant to placement whenever possible. Unified sub-brands were developed, wordmarks and design were simplified, and visual ID standards were created so all pieces would appear to be coming from one place, regardless of which agency or internal group was producing them.

The new platform was brought to life through both internal and external launch campaigns. The internal campaign focused on rallying individuals at SaskTel to live the new consumer brand platform. SaskTel used rollout events across the province, videos and other communications pieces to get internal stakeholders excited. Externally, the new consumer brand platform was introduced through a campaign that leveraged the concept of possibility.

SaskTel – Poster 1SaskTel – Poster 2SaskTel – Poster 3



As befits the province’s largest ICT provider, SaskTel’s new platform embodies the spirit of Saskatchewan. A vibrant palette, authentic imagery and optimistic language showcase SaskTel’s passion for helping customers make the most of every moment.

Internally, the new creative platform was met with excitement and a strong sense of pride. Externally, the new platform has been in market for 12 months and initial indicators are positive. Based on qualitative research, young adult sentiment has improved, becoming more in line with that of other demographics. Key drivers and proven recall have also increased, and the emotional appeal of the new platform is resonating well with audiences.

SaskTel regularly tracks advertising initiatives and monitors key metrics over time. These metrics have all been trending in the right direction:

  • Relevance has increased 5%
  • Enjoyment has increased 10%
  • Interest in the brand has increased 4%
  • Wear-out of the advertising has decreased 5%

When looking at all combined research metrics, the new platform is performing 27% better than normative levels, and 35% better than where the old platform finished.


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