Saskatchewan Blue Cross (SBC) has long been a household name for health insurance. But they had another story to tell, one that struck closer to the heart. For SBC, a dedication to health and wellness goes far beyond any motivational poster to include something much more meaningful: action. Their unique approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) was improving the lives of Saskatchewan residents, and we needed to share that story.


We began by speaking to board members, partners and management, then documenting the whole SBC CSR story, from the 1940s forward. A common thread was quick to emerge: “We care.” To put a fresh spin on an overused sentiment, we created a wordmark using the word “we” followed by a heart icon. This became the organization’s symbol for its heartfelt commitment to paying it forward.

We developed an internal communication plan to engage staff and equip them to become brand ambassadors, ensuring CSR is part of SBC’s everyday culture moving forward. SBC’s partner organizations were positioned front and centre in all creative executions, building awareness of SBC’s CSR initiatives in a humble, sincere way that differentiates the brand from its competitors and helps people to understand what kind of company SBC is.

An internal teaser campaign consisted of floor decals and background screens for computer monitors and phones. The launch was a huge celebration unveiling a 3D version of the icon, a video, banners and brag walls. The external launch consisted of a significant CSR presence on the new website, a two-minute video featuring four partner organizations, “bookend” television ads, paid social advertising, organic social posts, programmatic in-stream video ads, YouTube advertising, advertorials, Gmail ads and a series of statement stuffers to SBC clients.

To keep the momentum going for the long-term, messaging will be sustained through brag wall updates, further video development and continued social posts, with an emphasis on promoting upcoming partner events.

Blue Cross CSR – Post 1Blue Cross CSR – Post 2Blue Cross CSR – Post 3


At the internal launch, the video was met with the perfect combination of tears, laughter and pride of ownership. By communicating the SBC CSR story through the viewpoints of the partner organizations, the corporation is staying true to its CSR vision of supporting the improved health and wellness of Saskatchewan residents.

Each time our audience sees the new icon and the messaging it supports, the CSR story builds and SBC is further differentiated from its competitors. Stakeholders are beginning to see SBC as a leader and mentor in the area of social responsibility and community involvement.


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